Salsa, Sexual Healing, Divorce and a Chef

Sexual Healing (originally by Marvin Gaye) sung with gusto by the rotund yet good-looking chef and his equally hot friend somewhere towards the middle of this lovely movie was just one of many superb numbers that made the film such fun. In fact the film is full of excellent music – the playlist is a treat to behold (and to hear).

The Cuban salsa in Chef was an additional bonus for this lover of Salsa! There’s something about salsa’s complex rhythm that sends the endorphins rushing to my brain. Sample Pete Rodriguez’s I like it like that at

Can’t get enough of Salsa – Here is Gente de Zona with Castellano Que Bueno Baila Usted or Que Se Sepa by Roberto Roena

What could be better than a film full of latin music?

A film full of good food! Put together what amounted to a Master Chef bonanza to the tune of foot tapping dance music and you have a very happy person.

Do you want to know how lava cake is made? Watch Chef. In addition to being entertained it’s also edifying. Want to know how a Cuban Sandwich is put together? Watch Chef. Curious about how to shop for ingredients? Or where Chef’s get their ideas for creating new and never-tried-before dishes – you know the answer – watch Chef.

There’s salsa – and other music too – but that doesn’t count 😉 there’s food, glorious food and, hold your breath, a road trip. This amounts to bliss. Of course it also helps that I now have a massive crush on Jon Favreau whose trademark is that he frequently appears in his own films.

Chef is a pleasure to watch from beginning to end – the character progression of chef (John Favreau) the twitter virgin, from a driven, slightly arrogant chef with no time for his delightful ten-year old son, Percy, to a humble, successful, loving father and down to earth chef fully cognizant of the reach of social media.

Relationships are explored with depth and sensitivity, the women are strong, sensible and stunningly beautiful. Friends are multi-dimensional and real. And, the movie shows that men and women can be friends. Yes! The father-child relationship is well drawn – you can feel the tug of war within – chef wants to be a good father, but he also has things to do. His son simply adores his Dad and has a deep understanding of the nuances of his career and the impact of his first bumbling attempts at social media.

Does our divorced Chef experience sexual healing? You’ll have to watch the film to find out, won’t you? But you won’t regret it. I promise you won’t regret it.


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  1. I think I should watch it …a nice review… 🙂

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