Drew Barrymore & Corey Feldman

Drew Barrymore & Corey Feldman (Photo credit: Alan Light)

Well, my weekend’s off to a good start as per Things I want to do this weekend. I watched Blended yesterday evening to try to forget

I was rather looking forward to the film  partly because of the cast  containing Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler and partly because, as I’ve said before, I’m an unabashed lover of RomComs.

Unfortunately the film didn’t quite live up to its promise. Drew Barrymore( Lauren) and Adam Sandler were pretty amazing as parents, divorced and widowed, trying to date a second time around. The film had some touching moments, particularly between Adam Sandler’s character and his youngest daughter Alyvia Alyn Lind, who plays her part so convincingly that you can’t help marveling at her. Drew Barrymore’s tenderness towards the thee  young daughters of the man she’s ‘not dating’ also make for some real and heartfelt moments.

The film is also funny, in parts. Predictably Drew’s character finds her prepubescent son’s porn centre spread and just as predictably rips it apart. I don’t have sons so I don’t know whether rage would have overtaken me at such a find but I do have girls and believe me – there are many things you turn a blind eye too. Even if they churn you up.   Lauren’s business is called ‘ Closet Queens’ – they organize rich women’s cupboards for them . I leave it to your imagination to think up all the quips one can come up with a business with a name like that. The relationship between Lauren and her friend/business partner is also heartwarming. The film’s strongest point is portraying the subtleties of relationships. You can watch it.

Keep your thinking hat at home though. Else you’ll wonder why a single father of daughters is so stereotypically ham handed about raising them. And that a mother in this day and age doesn’t know how to raise boys seems  unlikely . What I found worst is the racism disguised as sloppy humor that emerges on the trip to Africa. Yes, these two people who had an extremely unsuccessful first date end up in Africa, together, with their children at a Blended Conference or get-together. It isn’t clear which part of Africa it’s in – it’s all homogeneous and ‘blended’ together – with hippos and ostriches, giraffes and chimps. The worst is the caricaturisation of all the African men in the film. I found it jarring. It was meant to be funny but it certainly wasn’t. The singing crew, backed by a Bollywood style dancing chorus, lead by Terry Crews apart from being racist is a little boring by the fifth time around.

The teenage daughter’s transformation from genderless boy to lovely teenage girl courtesy Drew Barrymore’s intervention makes for a few lovely moments.

The idea of blended families is hardly explored at all, nor is romance or dating after divorce. It’s a lazy attempt at cracking a few unintelligent jokes. Disappointing.

Despite all this criticism, the film was entertaining, in parts and worth watching if you don’t have much else to do. I spent a pleasant evening. While it could have been better it does have it’s moments.   Still,  I  wonder why the entire movie crew and director Frank Coraci didn’t notice the problems, or make an attempt at improving a mediocre film that  Puzzled.

The film runs for 1 hour 57 minutes and is rated PG 13

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  1. I was afraid of this! I believe that the commercials even disappoint me. If you want a truly special and hilarious movie, have you seen, “The Other Woman?” It even has the song from “Mission Impossible” in it, while these girls are trying to chase down and find out the truth of a three-timing man! I promise, my youngest daughter (age 28) and I along with the whole audience were roaring! So sorry about Drew and Adam’s newest, I will go back and rewatch “50 first dates.” One of my all time favorites! Oh, also, “The Internship” and “Admission” have funny and jokes/stories that are ones that seem appropriate for most ages!

  2. That is a very fine and well written review and although I haven’t watched the movie, I felt like knowing some of those moments so intricately —delicate moments, stereotyping and all.

  3. Hmmm I remember watching 50 first dates with these two and enjoyed that one..

    Not a romantic person anymore so I think I will be giving this one a miss. .

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