Dating Again? Tips from a Man

7 ways to make a man fall in love with you

This beautiful, heartfelt piece of advice brimmeth over with wisdom and sincerity. It isn’t one of those shallow how-to articles. I strongly recommend it. The author of this marvellous piece of writing is an Indian man named Akhil Sharma whose recent book, Family Life received accolades. It has been described as ‘deeply unnerving and gorgeously tender at it’s core.’

The Seven things that Akhil wrote about are

  1. Say something nice about someone people expect you to speak ill of
  2. Ask a boring question
  3. Talk about work
  4. Grab the man’s hand and pull him somewhere
  5. Try to have at least some dates during the day time
  6. Volunteer together
  7. Ask him to cook something for you.

Read the blog post to understand why doing any of those things brings you closer to the man you are dating. Becoming closer and talking about real things moves the relationship forward, if it’s meant to. If not,  you find out early on how different you are from each other.

” Love requires care. It requires an eagerness to find the romance in the humdrum. ”

The last three suggestions are the most practical and arguably something that a couple newly dating may not think of doing. They make a lot of sense.

Do you have any ideas?

New Yorker Review of Family Life

Guardian Review of Family Life


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  1. I like that you have an author of a book on dating men, by a man as your feature! This is something I do also, feature movies, stories and books about relationships of all kinds. I love music and the stories within it, so I mention that, too. We seem to have common ideas of how to connect with others! Thanks for discovering me, looking forward to discovering you. Oh, I better tell you, I am more of a weekend ‘reader’ but try to post often, after work, by going to the library. So, you will see my comments and ‘likes’ in spurts, but I will be around! Smiles, Robin

    • Hi Robin! Thanks for the visit. I too like observing what works (and what doesn’t ) in relationships in books, films, music and writing about that. It’s more interesting. Looking forward to reading more on your blog.

  2. hmmmmm .. right good tips..
    how about just being yourself and going with the flow 🙂

    • Of course Bikramjit – that’s the first rule of dating I would say. But for people dating again after a divorce, or really shy people, or people out of practice, or even those who have never dated before to whom the whole dating scene is a mystery it helps to read tips from people who dated and fell in love.

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