Accepting your partner too much

Non-violent communication

Non-violent communication (Photo credit: London Permaculture)

If you are, over time, working to accept your partner, it is a recipe for resentment. La Shelle Lowe-Chardé’s blog is an oasis of understanding, wisdom and clarity.

Non Violent Communication (NVC) has many useful, wonderful and deep ways in which to work on yourself and your relationship. The important thing is to work on yourself first.

“Your job as a loving, supportive partner, in part, is to honestly express your feelings and needs and make clear requests and to authentically listen to your partner’s feelings and needs and clarify their requests. ”

NVC is a truly brilliant method for having honest communication, for negotiating well in a relationship with the end result of a partnership of two contented, fulfilled individuals for whom marriage is an enhancement of their individual selves, never a cage.

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  1. Definitely, I believe in counseling and having no violence or bad actions, words or other negative forces in relationships. Great stuff here! Hugs, Robin

  2. I so needed this post

  3. Now i seriously need those for sure .. the art of conversation ..

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