A Big Heart-Shaped Slap in the Face

I couldn’t resist sharing this well worded rant that expresses exactly how I feel. Brilliant!

Trina Holmes

Valentine’s day. It’s one of those occasions that you either enjoy post-sex in the arms of your exhausted other half or hate with your fellow singletons slugging cheap wine from Aldi. I’ve experienced both over the years so I ponder what the big issue is with this rose-buying-chocolate-indulging-candle-lit-dining-day?

When you’re single, Valentine’s day is one big heart-shaped slap in the face. It’s everything you’ve tried to forget all shoved into one over-priced, sickly day with everyone pretending that their husband’s hairy carpet-like back is the most attractive thing since Dappy’s naked picture. It’s ready to spill into your day whether you want it to or not with people eating each other’s faces on the bus in the most unattractive of ways. It is a whole twenty four hours of tongue twisting, breast groping, wet lip kissing and public displays of fully clothed straddling.  Every shop you walk into is wishing…

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  1. Hi

    Googled about feminism in india and came here through a link.

    I am so sorry to barge in like that but I need all the help I can from all my able feminist sisters.

    I have been singled out at a blog and feel very helpless.

    I feel the articles are quite biased and I don’t know how to respond further without support.

    Can you speak for me, for us and our cause – some cogent arguments from you may help me there.!

    I am not a blogger so I am not very good at coming up with arguments all the time.

    You can help me there, if you wish. The following link:


    Pls don’t ask me to ignore it.

    – Rashmi (feeling helpless & restless)

    • Hey Rashmi,
      The articles at that blog aren’t worth your while. I don’t agree with that man’s point of view at all. But it is his blog and he can say what he likes on it. We don’t have to read it. I don’t want to engage with him or even read the things he writes. There’s no arguing with people like him who truly believe what they are saying/writing. He doesn’t even know the meaning of domestic violence and equates a bit of wifely nagging with men who beat their wives. It’s ridiculous.
      If you have the energy for it, you can keep commenting on his blog. You’re doing a very good job. Just don’t let it get you down. And do remember that people like him thrive on the attention he is getting. I doubt that you can make him see the light.
      Divorced Doodling

  2. It’s just as bad here in the US. Thanks for posting! I felt better just reading it.

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