Nautical Flags and Relationship advice from Men


Relationships can be so difficult sometimes. You just don’t know what he means – specially in a new relationship. Vidins has broken it all down for you with the help of nautical flags. You really don’t have to worry about learning all those flags up, expecting your love interest to wave them at you in an attempt to communicate. It’s all interpreted for you here – those grunts and grumps and the ignoring – this is what it means. Mostly it isn’t serious – but then I suspect Vidins’s humorous writing deals with established relationships. Not those nervous wobbly beginnings which shoot around with the nervous energy of rockets, sometimes sky-high and sometimes down in the pits. Interpreting the new guy takes some skill. In the meantime, as you get to know him, don’t chew your nails to bits, just laugh at these and recognise many of your past lovers in these behaviours.
My favourite is –
MIKE – my vessel is stopped; making no way.
Relationship code: I don’t want to go to IKEA, nor do I want to mow the backyard.
Some of them are the kind of communication I don’t want to hear from my partner – such as BRAVO ( check blog post for this one) but what do you do if that’s what he wants to communicate about? Take note I guess. Sigh.
Then again, he probably isn’t that interested in your PMS either but listens to you because you are speaking. Just not sure that one needs a nautical flag for this one Vidins. Is it really that important? I guess it is for men. One of my boyfriends would warn me of his approaching farts. He thought he was being very considerate about this but his consideration didn’t extend to waving a flag or communicating his imminent departure from the relationship that was headed for the open seas with all systems running. All was good with us except what was brewing in this guy’s head – none of which he communicated either by flag or word.
International signal flag meaning "Second... International signal flag meaning “Second repeater”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)[/caption]


You hear the term ‘communicate’ a lot when talking about healthy relationships. Communicate with your spouse. Communicate with your children. Communicate with your loved ones. Books, such as Robert Bolton’s timeless ‘People Skills’ is an excellent reference on the topic of communication.

Now I know I’m not the best at communicating – not in the spoken word anyway! So what is the modern tongue-tired guy to do, especially when engaged in conversation with his romantic partner?

He should use Nautical Flags.

Consider this. Why talk and use long words, when a simple flag would do the same job. When navigating the oceans of love, a man needs to send his partner clear, un-ambiguous signals on his thoughts and feelings. His needs, His desires.

Think about it.

Here’s some of the internationally recognised flags. See how they can apply to your relationship and really smooth things over in the communication department:

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