Celebrating remarriage


Finally an ad that makes sense. Especially astonishing because it’s an ad for jewelry which in the Indian context is bought for brides and at auspicious occasions.
Remarriage or second marriages, if they happened at all, weren’t public or even acknowledged by anyone except the closest friends and relatives, let alone main stream media. This is a huge transformation and a happy one at that.

Arun Iyer, NCD, Lowe Lintas and Partners, said, “The creative brief was that we wanted to highlight the new age wedding collection from Tanishq. The TVC also brings to light the design differentiation of the collection. Keeping the collection in mind the story also had to be different and new age. We realised that remarriage is a nice, new and bold topic that is getting spoken about much more than earlier. We realised that a lot of conversations were taking place around this topic. And to pick a topic like this is a progressive thing for a brand to do. So thus, Tanishq has made a nice, new and progressive statement.”


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  1. Hey – thanks for commenting. It’s a delight to watch isn’t it? Love that you say that ads earlier thought that a woman’s world revolved around good detergent 😀 Don’t forget – cooking oil that takes care of her husband’s heart !!! The unfulfilled
    fantasies of ad men I guess.

  2. Really nice. Skin tone, remarriage : it seems that ads have woken up to the modern day woman who wants more than a detergent that will clean the daag from family’s clothes…

    Thanks for sharing

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