Women are happier after divorce

Knights Park campus, Kingston University

Knights Park campus, Kingston University (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


New Research from Kingston University reveals that women are much happier after their divorce comes through, despite the other downsides of living the single life, such as financial challenges, amongst others. Women are happier for up to 5 years after the divorce more than their own average baseline of happiness. The survey was carried out on 10,000 people from the ages of 16 to 60 who were questioned regularly over twenty years.


Ellie De Lano writes at Womansday corroborating this finding in this blog post Women happier after divorce. She doesn’t gloss over the problems of being a single Mum with a host of other challenges but she mainly focuses on the fact of how much more she laughs these days or how often she is silly with her kids.


I tend to agree with her. Getting a divorce was fraught with difficulties. I found plenty of things to grumble about, mostly my friends, or those who I thought were friends who suddenly turned into acquaintances. But despite all the social snubs, aloneness, financial comedown, family who joined in the fray supporting the wrong side I enjoyed myself. I loved the freedom, I thoroughly embraced the Bohemian lifestyle requiring mattress sleeping and attic apartments ( called Barsatis in Delhi) with no air conditioning, barely a kitchen, neighbours who gesticulated at me with kitchen knives because they didn’t like where I parked my car, or even THAT I had a car to park. Suddenly nobody was asking me where I was going or why I was wearing what I was wearing. Suddenly it was fine to go dancing, to eat dosas once a day and salad the rest. My life changed, and for the better, my self esteem soared and I wasted no time on my barely perceived ‘losses.’


That study makes a lot of sense.


Have you experienced any huge gush of independence and happiness post your divorce? Tell me about it.





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  1. I felt the rush within an hour of walking out of the marriage and I feel it to this day. The divorce decree, this study all tell us what we have known all along, but personally I feel that these are required for the society which makes pitiful eyes while I enjoy my solitude even while surrounded by ‘happily married couples’.

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