The Worthy Divorcee

English: Still shot from 1914 silent film, Sho...

English: Still shot from 1914 silent film, Should A Woman Divorce? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Worthy Divorcee

We accept divorce. Yes, we’re broad-minded, nonjudgmental and we know it happens. What we don’t realize is that some divorces are more acceptable than others.  Aparna of Women’s Web fame has said it like it is. Even amongst those getting a divorce there’s a caste system, and the woman who leaves a marriage because she has suffered a lot has a higher status than the one who leaves because she was just unhappy.

This article has been reblogged from Womens Web because it is so relevant and has hit a nerve.

Have you noticed such discrimination amongst divorced friends?
Are you divorced,by mutual consent, with enough money, happy to date, and do your children live with your ex with the result that you are seen as less of a person than those who are struggling with to make ends meet, with being single Moms, who don’t want to date?





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