“Divorce?” Blame Women’s Empowerment


Popular opinion links empowered women with the increase in divorces. It’s interesting that many women consider this a positive, as can be seen in this quote from Priya who says,  “I think divorce rate is increasing because women are increasingly becoming less dependent on men not only for money, but also for emotional needs. Earlier men used to make all household decisions for women. Women only used to manage those decisions/ actions. Since dependence on men is decreasing, women no longer feel the need for men. They have learned to make their own decisions and manage them now.” – 11 people agree with her and 17 disagree.

I like her observation that now that women don’t really need  men, they don’t tolerate their often difficult behavior anymore and instead opt out.

Vishank Singhania froths at the mouth at the though of women’s empowerment because it leads to divorce . He states emphatically –

“Well I would say that women should not empowered as it:

1. Destroys the family.

2. Children do not get better future.

3. Competition in nature.

4. Culture of India get destroyed.”

105 people disagreed with him. 8 agreed

It hasn’t occurred to him that women could perhaps be empowered but it need not necessarily lead to a divorce if men keep up with their wive’s changed needs and move from a patriarchal and demanding position to a more conciliatory one.

I particularly laud Riyamvada’s statement

69199_511826962189092_1333555816_n“To say that women empowerment is a cause for divorce itself is utter nonsense. Even in this juncture women are being blamed for the increased rates in divorce! so Lame!

Couples generally go for divorce when they had enough of each other’s complexes and tantrums and to blame it on the female population is simply wrong. I believe that people should be free to live his/her life without being judged by others. Women has low self esteem compared to men. Women empowerment will boost it and they could be more useful to society once they see their hidden potentials.

In our society, marriage is seriously “overrated” and divorce is condemned. And when a girl take such a step as ending a marriage it’s like world war III. Such an attitude should be avoided by the coming generations at-least.

Women empowerment is not about getting away from husbands by divorces or getting a job or feminism, it’s about standing for oneself; fighting for what you believe in and having the strength to follow your dreams. That’s women empowerment for me and I hope some day everyone would see it that way.”

Although she states that she is anti feminism, she ‘s clearly a feminist – because she believes that women’s empowerment is about standing up for oneself.

I couldn’t agree with her more. If having the strength to follow your dreams involves getting a divorce – well, so be it then.

Dare to believe in your dreams. Dare to divorce.

This blog post has been written for the Indus Ladies Women’s Day blogger’s competition. Here is the link Indusladies Blogs for International Women’s Day. Go ahead and write a blog too!


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  1. How can one blame divorce on women’s empowerment? That is ludicrous! While it is true that times have changed, I think that they have changed for the best for the most. It is a great turn of events that women are able to achieve their dreams and objectives. Now, about divorce, it takes two to tango and both partners are equally guilty of their problems. What do you think?

    • Indian society has certain tacit and unwritten rules about marriage. One of them is that since women are given away in marriage and join the man’s family, it is their responsibility to assimilate into the man’s family and mould themselves to fulfil HIS needs.

      In India, women are expected to make the bulk of all marital adjustments; very few adjustments are expected out of men and there is more tolerance for difficult behaviour from men.

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