He’s divorced. Oh no or Oh yessss?

The author of ‘Losing my Virginity and other Dumb ideas’ Madhuri Banerjee, who also writes a Love Guru advice  column has tackled a prickly topic today. The woman who is in love with a divorcee.

It’s a problem it seems! From my vantage point I don’t see it as one but obviously some of us believe that the woman needs counseling. She needs encouragement

a)to tackle her parents ( as though they are the ones who have to live their lives with her partner)

b) she needs advice on how to handle any children from the previous marriage ( as though she doesn’t have commonsense). Wow.

I, on the other hand, recommend  – go for it! If there is a divorced man around, nab him. They’re much better than men who have never been married.

A man who has already lived with a woman for any length of time  has had to learn certain things. Things that you want him to know. Things such as – the importance of communicating your feelings. That if you concede something to your partner, you will get something in return and you will both be winners. That he needs to help with the housework!

He’ll also know which side of the bed he likes to sleep on, not to throw his wet towel on the bed, where to put his dirty laundry, that it’s not a curtailment of his freedom if he cannot go out drinking with his mates every evening, that he needs to share the TV remote, that he sometimes needs to organize dinner, that bringing flowers home after a fight is a painless way to defuse the situation – there’s nothing wimpish about it, its simply wiser. He knows all these things without your having to go through months of adjustment (training). Another woman has trained him for you and you can benefit from his domestication.

And remember, the man who has failed once, is going to put far more effort in trying to make things work a second time round.  Another great plus point.

So girls – who wants a newbie when you can have an experienced guy, one who already know what makes women tick.

In my next post I’ll address some of the things you need to be careful about. But I’m saying it now already, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.


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  1. I dont agree at all . Experience dose not make you better or worse.It all depends on chemistry and mutual understanding. Marriages are not made in heaven as the saying goes. The crusk of a marraige is like “the test of the pudding is in the eating ” ,and wheather he or she is Green behind the ears or a wise old owl makes no difference.Only Time and circumstances crank out the results. Living together is not a pre paid franking machine . adding too much sugar does not make a good cup of tea.
    Just for thoughts .Why is one Divorsed … So many reasons.. who knows if any of the above embelishments was lacking then … who is to guarantee that the next time he /she will still not be carrying forward the same unwanting traits. People marry for so many reasons . . Now a days people for some dont marry because they are better of living together. ,Financially beneficial .,further there are so many angles to marriage.You only know what you want from it. Pray your choice is correct.

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