Whose name is it anyway?

Hello Readers!

Excuse the long gap. I’ve been unto my ears with visitors, hence the silent. But, this particular article that I read today made my hackles rise again, so here I am…

Couples getting divorced love to squabble! About any issue that raises its head, just to make life tough for the other person.

I read a headline today where the Supreme Court has ruled that a divorced woman may not use her husband’s name . Not sure if its a case of A rose by any other name would smell as sweet? or more likely ‘ sour grapes’.

The ex-husband in this particular case thinks, or says he thinks, that his ex-wife is ‘misusing’ his name, misrepresenting facts and so causing people to think that she’s still married to him. I guess that’s what he’s hoping.

I wonder why neither the Supreme Court, nor the man involved, took a larger view of the entire episode, thought about children involved , and what name they would have, and then passed their ruling. I wonder why the Times of India felt the need to report this one isolated incident as though it was a piece of news when clearly its just gossip about one particular couple getting a divorce and being loud, vocal, ridiculous and immature about it.

Some women rush to change their names back to their maiden name after a divorce and their ex-husbands are annoyed while their children are distressed. Some women keep their ex-husband’s surname because its so much a part of their identity that they don’t want to change it back again.

Its really up to the person whose name it is. And is it worth all the fuss thats being made of it?  There are other, more important issues in a divorce than to interfere in what somebody wants to call themselves, or to worry that people will still think you’re married when you’re not.

I find the whole episode extremely puzzling. Can anyone throw some light on it…


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