Women’s Web – 5 life changes after Divorce

Check out this wonderful website I’ve discovered – Women’s Web and there you’ll find an article about divorce, written by me. Amongst other great writings.

http://www.womensweb.in/home-health/lifewise/item/after-indian-marriage-breaks-up.htmlWomen\’s Web article – 5 Ways Life Changes after Divorce








About Kalpana

Trying to change the world one blog post at a time. I write. It's the best thing I can do. I am the Hanged Man, the Fool, the sometime Magician. Whether I travel in my imagination or in real life I write about it and show you pictures either through my photography or through the pictures I paint with my words. I read books and write fiction. During working hours I teach English as an Additional Language. I edit.

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  1. Well written Kalpana! Kudos on saying important things out loud.

  2. I read your article. Very well written.

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